Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, August 1, 2016

I woke up in a new Carolla

Hey Fam, this past week in CR has been pretty hectic, lots of meetings and driving and such. We also had a lot of appointments that fell through so that is always really frustrating, but we found a lot of cool new people to teach as well so that has been a big positive. But yeah, tough week. This week we had ZTM which is usually only like 10 missionaries, but since my the zone I'm in is so huge there was 32 of us! Pretty crazy, it was tons of fun. So in ZTM we do these things called "District Leader Reports" basically I just had to get up and give a 10 minute rundown of all the investigators in my District and so forth. But anyways, in big meetings all the Elders play this game where you have to use a random word or phrase in your report. So before I get up I get a text from the AP's who are across the table and Elder Devenport texts me and says your Phrase is "Mighty Joe Young" so yeah I had to work that into my report. ( I talked about the ZL's investigator that got mad at them "He just gets up and starts yelling and screaming, it was like trying to teach Mighty Joe Young ) lol. I also cracked a joke about how they hit there little investigator Isaiah with their truck haha. I don't have very much energy today so Imma just make a list of things that happened this week.

1.Besides all the meetings and flakey investigators; this week has been fun. My boy Elder Esplin is doing really well, he's really hardworking which is awesome. 

2. We met 3 different Muslim guys from Sudan, they were super nice. One guy invited us back for dinner, he said "I'm goona feed you all of my native food!" i.e. goat, lamb, etc. Yeah I haven't decided if we're going back there or not lol. 

3. The last Muslim guy we met tried to make us tea, and I told him no thanks, then he said "Juice and pointed to me, but I thought he said "Jews" and I was like "No, Christians!" and we like "Ahh Christians! TEA!" and I was like "NO, WATER" it was really funny. We ended up chugging this powdered orange juice tang stuff it was so thick I was chewing it haha. 

    I finally broke down Elder Barnum and he gave us a full time car to use. All my kissing up to the office Missionaries finally paid off ;) 

Well that is about it for me this week, hopefully someone updates my blog so someone actually sees this but it's all good ;) love you guys. God Bless.

Elder Milligan

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