Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, March 6, 2017

Driving, Driving, Driving

What's uppp loved ones?

This week was really good, Burlington is full of insane people and lots of crazy things happen everyday. But it's a party, I love the Nauvoo Zone all the missionaries are straight homies so it's great to be a part of all the action down here on the Mississippi. But this week was awesome like I said, the whole zone worked hard and saw a lot of blessings for it. 

Here's some Highlights of this past week:

-First and foremost, our investigator Kara came to Church again this week! This time she brought 3 of her awesome kids as well! They are all excited to work towards being baptized on March 25th! The kids are all awesome and loved Church as well, the Ward did a great job of bringing them in and fellowshipping them! With those 4 people on date in our area, the zone has a total of 9. That's the most this zone has had in a longgg time. So we are pumped. 

-We had interviews with President and Sister Badger this past Wednesday it was awesome. Interviews are always kind of a stressful day trying to get the whole zone through the process in a timely manner. But it was awesome to be able to talk top them one on one. They took Elder Gundersen and I out to lunch afterwards and it was great to talk to them just us four and get to know them better.

-I think one of my favorite things about being the Zone Leaders in Nauvoo is the fact that we are responsible for like 8 Senior Couple Missionaries. They are literally so funny, like the other day one of them called me asking me to help them figure out their Microwave..Old people lol. Just kidding though they are tight, and so wise and spiritual! I love it. 

-We were at dinner with a member who's an EMT. He was telling us about the crazy things that have happened in Burlington this week. My two favorites were aq crazy guy with an Ak-47 was running through a neighborhood shooting at house randomly. Also there was a shootout between two gangs in the middle of Downton. "You can take the people out of Chicago, but you can't take the Chicago out of the people"- Every White person in Burlington's favorite one liner to tell us. 

-So this week we will be spending a LOT of time in the car. Today we drove 30 Minutes to Nauvoo through Illinois so we wouldn't have to take the toll bridge. Then we will drive an hour to Macomb Illinois for a baptismal interview after P-day. Then we will drive an hour and a half back to B-town. Then Wednesday we will drive an hour to Keokuk for a D-meeting. Then an hour back to Burlington for another D-meeting. Then On Thursday we will be driving 3.5 Hours to Des Moines for exchanges with the AP's. Then 3.5 hours back. Gundy and I are goona know each other real well after this week lol. 

-On Saturday Elder Gundersen and I wrecked two ghetto guys from Chicago at ball. And when I say we I mean, I sat back and shot some three's while Gundy beat them two on one down low lol. #WhiteBoyPower

-Last cool thing about this week. I got to go inside a temple! For the first time in like 16 Months lol! I got to help clean the temple it was awesome. Then the Lady took us up to inside the tower and we could see like the whole Mississippi river with a thunderstorm going on it was tight! 

But yeah that's pretty much been our week here. Hopefully we don't die of boredom in the car this week. Love you all! 

Okay Idk if I mentioned this at all with all the crazy stuff. But two weeks ago after MLC I was reunited with my brother at the Iowa City Mall. I've never been so happy to see someone. 

Two Words: Satan

Greetings family and friends..

This week was way good. Honestly one of the craziest weeks of my mission. We also spent like 8 hours in the car. But it still turned out to be a really awesome week. If I wasn't so tired right now I'd write a long email and explain all the funny/crazy things that have happened this week. But yeah I feel like a walking zombie so I'm just going to make a list of all the stuff that happened this week. We took some good pics and videos this week so they'll tell the story this week. 

- So this week we had MLC for all the zone leaders and sister training leaders. We had to wake up way early and drive an hour and a half to Iowa city and we were in a meeting for 9:30 till about 5:00 I thought I was going to die. But it was a really good meeting, President's trainings are always straight fire so I always leave super pumped. 

-So after MLC we have like two days to get ready for ZTM and prepare to give President's training and the AP's training to our zone. So we were trying to get on our emails to get the papers for it and for some reason I didn't get the email from the AP's. So we tried to log in on Elder Gundersen's account and he couldn't even log into his email! So we called HQ and they told us his account got deactivated (he just hit 18 months) so apparently HQ thought he was a sister and closed his missionary email hahahaha. It was pretty funny. But we got everything figured out eventually.

-So while all of this is going on I was on exchanges with my former companion Elder McCain who is now in my zone again. It was fun to do work with him again, he's a stud missionary!

- Next we drove 1 hour to Macomb Illinois to do exchanges with one of the DL's out there. We got there and they live in an attick of a super creepy house that's like 120 years old. They pretty much just told us about how there house is haunted so it was a fun night there lol..

-So then we woke up and drove another hour to Nauvoo from Macomb. So we get to the stake center and I'm conducting the meeting and everything and we go to give the first training and Gundy can't find it anywhere so we thought we lost it. So the week was just falling apart on us haha. But we ended up finding it while the STL's were training ( cause no one really pays attention to the sister's training any ways ;) ) but yeah it was a blessing.

-We also had our investigator Kara come to church on Sunday! It was the first time Burlington has had some at Church in a while so we were pumped!! She's looking good to be baptized next month.
We also particpiated in giving a baby blessing for a Less active's child. Her BF was there and we taught him and made him a new investigator as well and he is looking pretty solid as well. 

So that's about it. I'll send some pics and a video tour of bustling Nauvoo lol.

Love you guys