Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Saturday, July 15, 2017

4th of July


As you're all aware, it was the 4th of July. I'm sure every missionary email you'll read today will go into great detail about all the fabulous things they did to celebrate our country and all the fun they had. And it will have approximately 13 pictures of them being super patriotic and extra-American. 

So I'll save you the extra reading and just let you know that we had a great 4th and blew a lot of things up with some cool members. I also took a bottle rocket to the chest but it's okay cause I have like 30 white shirts. We ate at least 6 pounds of barbecued meat as well so that was definitely a highlight. 

This week was great though, our investigators are all progressing very well Kraig has not smoked since we started the workshop with him! So if he stays strong he will be all set to go for July 29th, please pray for this guy, he's the best. Our other investigator Calvin is doing great, we took him to sunset on the Mississippi and he liked it, it's a funny show so he was entertained. We are hoping to get him down to the pageant soon so he can get more of the spiritual stuff in this time. He has a ton of great questions. 

We have 3 new promising investigators as well; Jasmine, Jazmine (shoutout to black culture for giving us 50 different ways to spell names so we don't get people confused), and Lakendra. They are all interested and have a sincere desire. So we have high hopes for them as well. 

Nauvoo Pageant is starting up tomorrow so things finna get busy real quick down here. But I'm excited to watch the town population explode it should be fun. 

Other than that not too much to write about this week. Just grinding every day trying to help bring people closer to the Savior.

I love all of you! 

Hope you have  a great week! 

Grill Out

What's up worldddd

This week was stellar. That is; for being in the middle of nowhere on the border of Iowa and Illinois and Missouri and surrounded by people who hate you for believing in the restored gospel. But we never let that stop us! Our week was awesome! We found 11 new investigators and we have a few more that will for sure become investigators this week. We also had our investigators Kraig and Calvin at Church on Sunday. Kraig is still a stud, we moved his date a few weeks back so that he can be completely smoke-free as he prepares for his baptism. He has now offically read the Book of Mormon twice, and he's also read all of the Doctrine and Covenants and all of the Pearl of Great Price! Now he wants to read Jesus the Christ, this guy is straight fire. Please pray for him as he tries to officially quit smoking this week! 

Our other awesome investigator is Calvin! This guy is tight, he came to church with a wool blazer and turtle neck with some dope glasses. He straight up looked like Samuel L. Jackson. He's the man. I feel cool just talking to him, kind of like I've been accepted into the cool black people gang. He's the Father of a member in the Ward here in B-town, he's really interested and has some great deeper-level questions (like about Zion, and Baptisms for the Dead) it's great teaching people that think at a deeper level and have actual interest. This week we're taking him to one the the plays in Nauvoo about the Mormon Battalion, cause he is a veteran and likes Military stuff. It should bumpin. 

Me and my new Comp E. Butterfield are just havin a party out here in Burlington. It's pretty funny we are complete opposites (he's pretty quiet and just super calm/chill) but we get a long great. We have been making it a goal to find the joy and have a blast everyday, while still working hard and setting the example for our zone. We have had some pretty crazy experiences already, so we'll have some good stories for ya'll by the end of this transfer. Also I've already found out tons of ways to refer to him since his name has the word butter in it. ex: Butters, Butter,Buttfield, B-field, and my personal favorite. ButtHurtField. We also found out that we both love Barbeque sauce, and that we both had Cars named Claire back home. 

One funny thing that happened this week was Butter and I were out knocking and I heard someone yell "Elders!!" and I saw this big black lady sitting on her porch having a Grill Out and with her family down the road in this apartment complex. As soon as I saw they were grilling I was like "Their goona feed us Butter, lets go!"  So we went over to talk to her, and turns out she's a member that just moved from Arizona and has a huge family living with her. (we made one of her family members a new investigator!) But the most exciting part was they gave us a TON of food, like 3 brawts and some ribs and some pork steak and mac and cheese. It was amazing. (especially since it was fast sunday and our dinner wasn't unitl 7!) 

Well that's all I got for this week. I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July, we will spend our entire day eating, so please pray for us and our future wives so we don't get too fat our here.

Love you guys!

Here's a pic of me and Butter. People tell us we look like we belong in One Direction... Iowa doesn't know they broke up yet..

Greetings world.

So this week was pretty nuts, I finally killed off my marshalese brother Elder Anitok. It was super sad to see him go, but he was a stud and he did his job. Hopefully I'll make it out to Hawaii soon so he can set me up with one of his Island Lady friends lol. 

So we had transfers and my wish came true. I'll get to stay another 6 weeks here and Nauvoo will be my first and last 6 month area lol. I'll get to be here for Pageant though and I'm PUMPED. We already have 4 investigators lined up to come watch pageant on different days. We also are going to be assigned to work down at the Pageant doing various jobs several nights a week this summer. It's going to be LIT. Everyone in our mission is always trying to get here during Paegent season so I feel pretty lucky to get one more transfer here!

My new Companion is the one and only Elder Butterfield! He's a cool kid, he was a DL in our zone and just got called to be ZL up here in Nauvoo with me. I'm excited he's a really cool kid and super hard worker. He's been out a year this Thursday! It's pretty weird, I feel like just yesterday I was getting trained, now I'm the oldest Person in the zone. Missions fly by! 

The work is going pretty well right now. We have a lot of solid people in the beginning stages. Kraig is doing good as well! He is almost done with the Book of Mormon for the second time! His only hold back right now is he is struggling with smoking still. We are working with him on that right now. He's goona overcome it though, he's got too much faith not to. I love that guy!

Not a whole lot to report on this week. Said a lot of Goodbyes to the studs that died this week. The mission and our MLC is going through some fat changes right now so it'll be interesting to see how it goes. 

Cool news though with transfers, my boy Elder Esplin is in our Zone now as one of our DL's so I'll get to exchange with him. I'm pumped! He hit's his year mark this week, I can't believe it's been a year since I got him. He's a stud!

One of the Highlights of the week, my favorite family the Thompsons. Took us out to dinner on Anitok's last night. They took us to the nicest restaurant in Burlington, they are so cash. They do a ton for us I love this family! 

That's it for this week. Hope you all have a killer week. I love you guys. The gospel is true, go share it's blessings with someone!



Pics From our Photo Shoot in Nauvoo, Lot's of goodbyes, and The thompson family dinner



Well today marks a sad moment. Elder Anitok is writing his final emails as he prepares to die this coming Thursday. It's officially the end of our 9 month Party. Crazy that we've been serving around each other/as companions for a complete gestation period. He will be missed. 

Lol on a happy note though. We had a really fun week here in the Nauvoo Zone. We were busy all day every day it was awesome. We also got to spend 3 days in a row in Nauvoo which is always cause for celebration. I flippin love Nauvoo man. 

We had a lot of cool things goin on so I'm just going to make a list and ya'll can just skip to the pictures like I know you do you ;)

-Elder Anitok had his departing temple trip on Tuesday. So I got to trio with Elder Zinn and Elder Perez. Elder Zinn and I came out together and we are pretty tight. We had a photoshoot in the woods during our exchange. The bridge we are on is actually the Bridge Emma and Joseph kiss under during the restoration movie for all you Church media fans. 

-We took my man Kraig on a church history tour through Carthage and Nauvoo. It was sick!! Having the sites down there is such a useful resource to teach people it's awesome. He loved it all too, he said his favorite part of the whole tour was the love that people show to each other in the church. Even if they are random strangers he felt like he was a part of the family and loved. It was so cool to hear. 

-On Thrusday we had a member of the 70 come to our zone conference and we had 11 hours of meetings. I couldn't even feel my face by the end I was so done. It was all great stuff though. The MLC portion was really cool. Elder Keech is a cool guy. 

-Saturday we did a triple blitz in the Mt.Pleasent area and tried to get some stuff goin up there. Interesting folks up there. 

-Sunday, Kraig came to Church and asked if he could move his baptism up to next weeked! I wish we could lol, he's so ready. He read the whole BOM in like 2 weeks. But he has to come to church again before his baptism. He's ready though, I'm stoked out of my mind for Kraig. 

That's all i got for this week. Last thing! Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's and Future Dads out there! I love my Dad so much! He's the hardest working guy and best example out there, I'm so grateful for him! Love you Dad!!

Love you guys!

Hide your kids, hide your wife, we baptizing everyone out here

This week was littttttttttttttttttttt!

For real though it was pretty great. We had another awesome baptism, our boy Alex entered into the waters of Baptism on Saturday and it was awesome to witness! The service was awesome as well, Alex is such a smart kid it's awesome. He has the plan of salvation down just from memory and he can teach you the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson better than I can haha. I love this guy he's a little stud. I'm so grateful that we were able to be led to him. His mom gave the closing prayer at the Baptism and it was one of the most spiritual and sincere prayers I've ever heard. I can't wait to see this family continue to progress as they come back to Church. 

Another fun thing that happened this week was that we went to Des Moines for exchanges with the AP's! I got to go with my homie Elder Higley, it was just like ole times it was dope. Elder Higley is a stud! We taught a lot of Africans so that was awesome I miss africans! We also got to eat at my favorite place in the world HuHott! 

Speaking of Africans, we were a little early for exchanges so we stopped in Des Moines and got to see some of my african family! I got to see the Zoeduah/Sando family it was amazing! I felt like I was seeing family again. I love those people!! 

Another cool thing that just happened was I got to see the MOSS family!! It was awesome seeing my old Trek Parents haha! They are the best! Shout out to them for coming to visit me out here in Illinois! 

I don't have a ton of time to write today. But here's some good pics we took this week! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Dr. Deep Doctrine

This week was awesome!

I feel like I say that every week, but honestly it's true! Being a missionary is such a cool experience. There's nothing like talking to people about Jesus Christ 24/7 and getting to know people on a much deeper level than you normally would. 

Our week went by really fast, we had some pretty cool moments though. We have been working with our main guy Kraig. He's a stud, keeps all his commitments, is 200 plus pages into the Book of Mormon now. He also has started reading the Pearl of Great Price as well. So he's had some pretty deep questions about that, so Anitok and I have been putting on our thinking caps quite a bit to answer some of his questions. I like it though, you can tell how interested someone is by the questions they ask and the effort they put into it. Kraig is a solid guy, I'm excited to see him continue to progress. 

Everyone we are working with consistently is doing great right now. Alex is getting baptized next week so hey, that's pretty dope. Alex is such a funny kid, we have been drawing him pictures to help him remember every lesson and making up hand signs to help him memorize stuff it's a lot of fun. I love that kid. I'm grateful we found him! 

This week is going to be pretty stacked I'm excited. We have District Meeting, exchanges in DES MOINES with the the AP's, and a baptsim this Saturday! So it's going to fly by. Then Elder Anitok is going to officially be trunked out and it's going to be great :)...?

That's all I got this week, but I love all ya'll!

We have a pretty cool P-day planned today, we are breaking from the norm a bit and sacrificing Basketball to appease the sisters. But Elder Anitok and I planned a P-day thing at the park and we are going to barbeque and play disc golf and volleyball. So it should be pretty fun. I feel like I've become a much better event planner because of my mission. So hopefully that'll help me get girls when I get home ;)

Love you guys!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

May 29, 2017

This week was awesome. Lots of great things happened this week and we have a few investigators that are progressing real well. We spent a lot of time on exchanges with different members of our zone trying to build up their areas. We saw a lot of success which was awesome to see, everyone in the zone has people that are looking good to get baptized this transfer which was our goal we set at MLC so we are happy. 

The week in our area was great as well. We had our 3 most solid people at church. Our referral from SLC Kraig came to Church which was big, we're pumped about this guy. He came in a white shirt and tie and totally looked like a member I barely recognized him haha. It was good, I had to give a talk in Sacrament so hopefully I didn't scare anybody off lol. 

So this week kind of just went by without anything crazy happening so I don't have a lot to write about. We had a few funny things happen so I'll just list those. 

- While on exchanges in Macomb we were knocking some doors. So this lady answers the door and she basically tells us she is pregnant and she doesn't feel good. Mid-sentence she stops and puts her hand up and runs away saying she's going to vomit. So she just left us awkwardly on the doorstep, so I just left a note that said something like" Sorry you're sick! Congrats on the baby though! Love the LDS Missionaries" then we left the elders number on there. So hopefully something comes out of that ;)

-I got called to give a talk on Saturday night, and they told me to speak on whatever I wanted. So I just pulled a president Badger and got up there and just decided what to speak on once I got to the pulpit. I ended up speaking on PMG chapter 4 I thought it went pretty well lol. 

- I got to interview one of the Macomb Elder's investigators for Baptism. She was this funny asian lady and she talked my ear off! We were in there for like an hour, it was pretty funny. She's super nice though, she asked me to talk at her baptism so hopefully we'll get to go to it. 

Well that's all I got this week. I love you guys! Hope you're all enjoying summer!

May 22, 2017

Hey Fam;

It was a really good week, we had some pretty cool things happen this week and got some awesome people at Church! I'm just going to make a list of things that happened this week cause we are short on time this week.

-Kraig, so Kraig is a pretty cool cat. He's way smart too, he has so many awesome questions. He's an engineer for the railroad and he's super intellectual and logical. The way he found out about the church is pretty funny too. He heard about the Church because he heard a line about Mormons in one of his favorite rapper's songs. So that peaked his interest and he called SLC and referred himself pretty cool haha. He's really cool though, we set a date with him for July 8th and he wrote it down in his calendar and everything. So it's pretty much set in stone now ;)

-We were also able to get Our investigator Alex and his LA mom to Church yesterday. IT was perfect for them too, everything was about baptism so that was dope. He is solid to get baptized on June 10th, so we are pumped for him. He's a cool kid. 

-Another cool thing that happened this week was we had MLC. I love MLC because it's always super lit the whole time. It's basically a big party with all the ZL's. President Badger always has super sick training's and I learn a ton. They are changing the emphasis a little bit, it's more focused on Leadership now than just relaying the training's to our zones so that's cool. I also got to say goodbye to a lot of my friends that go home in June that was crazy, the mission is goona change big time after this group leaves. 

Well those are the main highlights of this week. We should be getting some more awesome people on date this week so stay tuned...


1.) Me and Hansen at our Monthly Dinner <3
2.) Last time seeing ma breaker J. Madsen <3

Final pics of the H-Squad; Realest district in the IDMM.

Final pics of the H-Squad; Realest district in the IDMM. Also a few pics from Carthage jail and Nauvoo! 

More Baptisms, More Car Crashes

What's up world?

This week was really dope. We saw a ton of awesome things happened and we survived yet another vehicular mishap. So to start of this week we had a pretty good P-day, we did the normal drive up to Mt. Pleasent to give the Hermana's their car to drive to P-Day. So we have a nice chill day, have dinner with a member and all that good stuff. So while this is all going on, we had 2 other Elders with us so Elder Zinn could interview our Investigators for their Baptism this weekend. So we are driving to this interview in the Elders truck, and Elder Zinn mistook a 2-way stop for a 4-way stop. So we got T-Boned by a guy going like 45ish haha. It was pretty scary. Their Truck is pretty messed up but luckily we are all fine. The bad news is that now our car is in the shop, and now so is their truck. So we have one fully operational car in the District, which is like a 1.5 hour drive from one end to the other haha. So trying to coordinate everybody and make sure they get to where they need to be has been super stressful and annoying but it's chill. 

On the Bright side we had some awesome things happen. 

-First and foremost Zak, Evan, and Donovan were all baptized on Saturday! It was probably one of the funniest baptisms I've ever been to. The boys were pretty crazy and funny. After I baptized Evan and Donovan, all the boys tried to jump back in the font and take a celebratory swim. It was hilarious.  Their Mom our Recent convert Kara was there as well and she loved it. I'm so happy we were able to help complete the King family! I love this family! 

- We had the chance to meet up with President Badger and President Church (The Nauvoo Stake President) two spiritual giants in my book. We got to discuss the missionary work in the Nauvoo Zone and how we can be the most effective leaders as possible. If you've ever seen the movie "Money Ball" that's what it felt like in there. Expect we weren't talking baseball we were talking baptisms. 

-Here's a funny story. So we tried to go get an estimate on the Elders Truck. So it got towed to some lot cause it's not drive-able so we follow the address and it takes us to the middle of no where. We got there and it's this super sketchy scrap yard place and the owners literllay looked like they were straight outta Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was a fun experience. 

Well transfer calls are tomorrow so I'll hopefully be able to get the word out where I'm going or if I'm staying before next monday. I'm hoping I stay. B-town has been by far my favorite area everything about here is dope. But since I love it so much it'll probably be my only two transfer area cause ya know, missions. 

Here's a plethora of pictures because I actually took some this week. 

Love you guys


Good Week

This week was dope. Don't have a ton of time to write this week so it's goona be a short one. We had a really good week. We had 6 investigators at Church this week it was awesome. Got 3 baptisims this weekend as well so we are pumped for that. Our recent convert Kara's kids are being baptized this weekend and we have two more solid people on date for may as well. Also got another for sure baptism for June 10. B-Town is pretty stacked right now. Transfers are coming up so hopefully  I'll be here to witness all these people get baptized! 


About to get my $735 ticket cleared. Never drive without insurance guys.

Attachments area


Hey Friends and family. This week was pretty crazy so I'm just goona write a list of things and expound on a few of them. 

- So the craziest thing that happened this week was actually right after p-day. So to get from Iowa to Nauvoo you have to cross this big toll bridge. So we were crossing back to Iowa after P-day and the lady working the booth let us across the bridge. So we're driving along minding our own business and all that. Then all of a sudden there this giant crash and our car stops in place. So we look back and this giant metal gate that blocks cars from crossing the bridge comes down ON TOP OF OUR CAR. It scared the heck out of us not goona lie. But yeah so this 2 ton gate came down on top of our back windshield and smashed our trunk as well. Pretty much wrecked our Malibu we were pretty salty. But good news. The bridge is paying for it all, and I didn't end up having to pay a $735 dollar ticket for not having our insurance with us.. 

-So funny story now that our Malibu is in the shop (10,000 dollars of damage, thanks bridge!) we had to take the Hermana's car from them so we could get around the Zone to do exchanges and get to the different D-Meetings.  So the Hermanas have walk around there area lol. Sorry not sorry sisters. Granted the average weight gain for a sister in this mission is 40 lbs so we are actually doing them a favor if you think about it.

- So this week we were able to do exchanges in our area for a few hours. I was with Elder Perez for the day he's a cool homie from Nevada. He's pretty young in the mission, but he's an awesome teacher and hard worker. So we worked hard and found 8 new investigators together it was a great day. One of the cooler experiences I've had in a while happened during this exchange as well. So we were trying to contact this referral and I typed her address into the the GPS. It was 2305, so we are driving and I go up to the house to knock it and it's a super wrecked and run down duplex. Then I looked at the door number and it was actually 2205. So I was like oh it's the wrong door I'll just walk down and find the right address. But before I left I had a pretty strong impression to knock this nasty door. I ended up being like naw I've knocked it before and no one answered, pretty sure it's abandoned yada yada yada excuses and crap. So we leave and try the right address and no one was there. Later this same day we just got out of a lesson and we got a phone call from a lady named Jennifer. She told us she was baptized in 1993 and fell away from the church after awhile. Long story short she moved to Burlington to get a fresh start and brought her young son with her. She told us she wants to come back to Church and get to the temple, she also wants her son to be baptized! Here's the kicker, her address is that 2205 house I should of knocked on. She told us that day she had been praying for the missionaries to find her. #HUMBLED. Always follow your promptings from the spirit boys and girls. I'm glad Heavenly Father gave us a second chance on this one! 

-Fun story for the Day, on Saturday morning me, Elder Anitok, and Elder Zinn played three black guys from Chicago in Church ball. And we totally wrecked their day. #WHITEKIDPOWER.

-Also we had to give the Hermanas their car so they could drive to pday so we made them makes us breakfast since we had to sacrifice and get up at 5:30 for them.

That's been our week though. Pics to come. 

1. Post crash pic

2. When the sisters have to give you a ride home. Embarrassing. 

3. Breakfast feast courtesy of our needy sisters.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter, Heck Ya

What's good loved ones? 

This week felt like it was never going to end! It was just so stinking long. We had so much stuff we had to do, and we dind't get to work in our area very much and when all that stuff happens I tend to get frustrated and go 0-100 real quick.  But this week I've been focusing on being more chill and not worrying about the little things we can't really control anyways. 

But this week was a big testimony builder of hard work. We had two big meetings this week, interviews and a mission wide meeting. Interviews were good like usual, it kind of gets redundant having them once a transfer now but it's dope being with President and Sister Badger. So fun story during interviews, so the night before we had interviews we cleaned the temple and stayed the night in Hamilton. So that night we decided we'd play soda pong, so we played like 10 games with a ton of this just nasty, garbage tasting soda. Then we started putting jello in it to spice things up. Of course elder Anitok and I being us dominated every game. But we still drank a ton of this off brand sprite and root-beer. So that night everyone was just wrecked, meanwhile I'm over here totally fine. So fast forward next day we are sitting outside the interviews going over missionaries planners and area books. All of a sudden I just hit a wall and was super light headed, long story short I puked at least a 2 gallons of this stuff up. It was disgusting, but luckily I was good to go after that. I'm glad I lived a sheltered life back home cause Idk how people play that with alcohol lol. 

So interviews were good. 

Also this week we had the entire IDMM meet together for a meeting with Whitney T. Clayton, the president of the 70. It was pretty tight. Good things were taught and all that jazz.  I got to see my "son" Elder Esplin it was tight I also met his boy "Elder Mecham"  so we had ourselves a little family reunion. 

Ok the night before this meeting thing, we stayed the night in Fair Field IA, with the ZL's there. So it's been a dream of mine to go to Fair Field, not to serve there really cause that town is creepy and small as flip. But cause they have the Maharaishe college (THE PLACE WHERE THEY MEDITATE IN DOMES AND LEARN HOW TO FLY) so we got to walk around there a bit and meet som "flyers". Glad that happened. Hope I never have to go to Fair Field again tbh. 

Some other cool stuff that happened this week:

- Had passover dinner with a Jewish Fam we're trying to teach. (BTW lamb is actually not that bad, pounded like 4 plates of that bad boy)

- Got to hold a baby pitbull (literally every person in B-town owns at least two of these suckers)

- Got to clean the Nauvoo temple again and chill in the tower. That place is Heaven on Earth for real. 

Elder Anitok quote of the week: 

(Driving on the Freeway)

Me: "Bro why you getting so close to this car?"

Anitok:" I like when the red dot comes up on our windshield and  it beeps. Makes me feel like Imma fighter pilot."



That's What I Like

What's good friends?

So this week was really busy once again. So this week we had P-day and then after that we had a few hours to work. Then the Quincy ZL's came and stayed at our place because we had MLC the next night. So we drove like 1.5 hours to Iowa City for MLC we sat in the gym from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm so that was great. We didn't get home till about 9:00 that night. So after MLC we had another busy day on Wednesday getting President and the AP's and our training ready for ZTM. Then Thursday we spent in Macomb Illinois on exchanges trying to help the Elders find some solid people to teach. We had a good day there and found 3 new investigators for them so hopefully that jump starts their area a bit. On Friday we had a good ZTm and everything went as planned so that's always good. President Badger's training was all about being sanctified and consecrated which is always good and something we as missionaries should always be working on. 

This weekend was really good missionary work wise though. We taught a lot of really cool people. The highlight of the week was that our RC Kara came back into town from her work trip! It was great to have her back in Church and to see her get a calling and everything! She's solid! We got her kids to Church as well and will be working on getting them all baptized on May 6th! So pray that we can help them make their date! 

So I think a new thing I'm going to put in my emails are some stories about my crazy Hawaiian Companion who goes home in 10 weeks. It's pretty entertaining to see him at the end of his rope lol.

Story of the week:

Watched Elder Anitok climb on to the roof of our apartment and start dancing and singing "That's What I like" by bruno mars. (He thinks that cause he's from the Island as bruno that means he can dance and sing just like him..)  and people walking by literally stopped to watch him act a fool. 

But yeah that's all I got for this week!

Love you guys