Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter, Heck Ya

What's good loved ones? 

This week felt like it was never going to end! It was just so stinking long. We had so much stuff we had to do, and we dind't get to work in our area very much and when all that stuff happens I tend to get frustrated and go 0-100 real quick.  But this week I've been focusing on being more chill and not worrying about the little things we can't really control anyways. 

But this week was a big testimony builder of hard work. We had two big meetings this week, interviews and a mission wide meeting. Interviews were good like usual, it kind of gets redundant having them once a transfer now but it's dope being with President and Sister Badger. So fun story during interviews, so the night before we had interviews we cleaned the temple and stayed the night in Hamilton. So that night we decided we'd play soda pong, so we played like 10 games with a ton of this just nasty, garbage tasting soda. Then we started putting jello in it to spice things up. Of course elder Anitok and I being us dominated every game. But we still drank a ton of this off brand sprite and root-beer. So that night everyone was just wrecked, meanwhile I'm over here totally fine. So fast forward next day we are sitting outside the interviews going over missionaries planners and area books. All of a sudden I just hit a wall and was super light headed, long story short I puked at least a 2 gallons of this stuff up. It was disgusting, but luckily I was good to go after that. I'm glad I lived a sheltered life back home cause Idk how people play that with alcohol lol. 

So interviews were good. 

Also this week we had the entire IDMM meet together for a meeting with Whitney T. Clayton, the president of the 70. It was pretty tight. Good things were taught and all that jazz.  I got to see my "son" Elder Esplin it was tight I also met his boy "Elder Mecham"  so we had ourselves a little family reunion. 

Ok the night before this meeting thing, we stayed the night in Fair Field IA, with the ZL's there. So it's been a dream of mine to go to Fair Field, not to serve there really cause that town is creepy and small as flip. But cause they have the Maharaishe college (THE PLACE WHERE THEY MEDITATE IN DOMES AND LEARN HOW TO FLY) so we got to walk around there a bit and meet som "flyers". Glad that happened. Hope I never have to go to Fair Field again tbh. 

Some other cool stuff that happened this week:

- Had passover dinner with a Jewish Fam we're trying to teach. (BTW lamb is actually not that bad, pounded like 4 plates of that bad boy)

- Got to hold a baby pitbull (literally every person in B-town owns at least two of these suckers)

- Got to clean the Nauvoo temple again and chill in the tower. That place is Heaven on Earth for real. 

Elder Anitok quote of the week: 

(Driving on the Freeway)

Me: "Bro why you getting so close to this car?"

Anitok:" I like when the red dot comes up on our windshield and  it beeps. Makes me feel like Imma fighter pilot."



That's What I Like

What's good friends?

So this week was really busy once again. So this week we had P-day and then after that we had a few hours to work. Then the Quincy ZL's came and stayed at our place because we had MLC the next night. So we drove like 1.5 hours to Iowa City for MLC we sat in the gym from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm so that was great. We didn't get home till about 9:00 that night. So after MLC we had another busy day on Wednesday getting President and the AP's and our training ready for ZTM. Then Thursday we spent in Macomb Illinois on exchanges trying to help the Elders find some solid people to teach. We had a good day there and found 3 new investigators for them so hopefully that jump starts their area a bit. On Friday we had a good ZTm and everything went as planned so that's always good. President Badger's training was all about being sanctified and consecrated which is always good and something we as missionaries should always be working on. 

This weekend was really good missionary work wise though. We taught a lot of really cool people. The highlight of the week was that our RC Kara came back into town from her work trip! It was great to have her back in Church and to see her get a calling and everything! She's solid! We got her kids to Church as well and will be working on getting them all baptized on May 6th! So pray that we can help them make their date! 

So I think a new thing I'm going to put in my emails are some stories about my crazy Hawaiian Companion who goes home in 10 weeks. It's pretty entertaining to see him at the end of his rope lol.

Story of the week:

Watched Elder Anitok climb on to the roof of our apartment and start dancing and singing "That's What I like" by bruno mars. (He thinks that cause he's from the Island as bruno that means he can dance and sing just like him..)  and people walking by literally stopped to watch him act a fool. 

But yeah that's all I got for this week!

Love you guys

Conference and Such

What's up Loved ones? 

So this week was transfer week, like I said last week we found out what was happening early by accident lol. So no huge suprises there. But it was still exciting cause I'm with my bro E. Anitok! Hailing from the Marshall Islands. He's so tight. It's been our dream to serve together so we're pretty pumped.  

This week has just been busy. We drove a lot again. We had to drive to two district meetings, we also had to drive down to Quincy Illinois for one of Elder Anitok's baptisms. Also tomorrow we get to drive up another hour and a half to Iowa City for MLC which will be good. So this week has just been spent in the car. But Anitok is pretty entertaining so we are getting by haha. 

General Conference this week was dope. I loved it. I especially loved Elder Bednar's talk in the Priesthood session. It's was probably my favorite one! Really nothing that exciting has happened so far this week. We have just been running between meetings. Hopefully I'll have some good stories this coming week haha! 

I love you guys! Keep it real. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Baptisms in B-town


Well this week has been great! We had a baptism, we caught someone pulling a gun on someone else on video, and I just low-key found out all of the transfer doctrine for our whole mission before transfers. Two Words: WACK

Well yeah this week has been crazy. We've been running around trying to get everything set up for Kara's Baptism and also trying to get investigators to attend the baptism as well! It was a super stressful week and we felt like it felt like we didn't have half the time we needed to get everything done. But the Lord definitely helped us out big time. 

Man we had a lot of funny events happen this week though. First we saw two ghetto guys almost get in a shoot out. Captured on video by the way. #NightCrawler
One other thing that happened this week was we went on exchanges with the Hamilton elders. Elder McCain and Elder Zinn. So Hamilton is interesting place. It's very anti and all the people "Know everything" About the Mormons already. Safe to say we met some delightful people that day :) We also had a water bottle filled with urine thrown at us! LOL. It was a fun day in good ole Illinois :)

Okay the most important thing that happened this week was that we had another great BAPTISM!! It was tight stuff. Kara did amazing. We also had two awesome investigators there as well! It was a great moment! I got to confirm her the next day and it was another great experience! 

But yeah it's been a good week. I love the work here in B-town. I also just found out my new comp is the one and only...Elder Eckes Anitok Jr. aka one of my bestfriends in the mish. I'm excitied to serve with my crazy Hawaiian brotha. But I'll miss my freakishly tall Gundy for sure :(

Me and my soon to be comp (the short brown one)

Mission Madness

Happy March Madness everyone! 

First things first, I just wanted everyone to be aware that I'm currently leading the Iowa Des Moines Mission MLC bracket with 590 pts and was perfect through the first round ;) #PRIDEFULL 

Haha on to the actual important stuff this week. 

Holy cow this week was dope! We had a great week and got a ton of work done!

The coolest thing that happened this week was that our home girl Kara passed her Baptismal interview!! She's finna get baptized this coming Saturday! I'm pumped!  Kara is so prepared, it's awesome to see how much she's grown in the past 6 weeks. She's super humble and just willing to accept all that Heavenly Father has in store for her. It's honestly been a learning experience for me teaching Kara and learning how to be more willing to submit my will to our Heavenly Father's like she does. 

But yeah she came to Church yesterday for the 4th time and her kids came again this week. She's all ready to go and invited her mom and all her kids to be there. So it'll be a great moment. She's got an awesome fellowshipper as well which we're pumped about. The Ward's really coming together, they haven't had a baptism for awhile so they are way excited. We are beginning to work with her 4 kids as well so we should be helping them to get baptized in the near future. Stoked for that as well. 

A lot of other good things happened this week as well. Found some new people to teach, we've been working with another cool family getting them ready to progress and keep commitments. We've also been working with our cool member referral Jamaylah. She's tight and should be getting baptized next month. Things are on the upswing here in the city of Burlington. The whole Nauvoo zone actually is doing amazing. I'm super proud of all the members in the zone we get to lead and help. They are all straight studs. 

Well that's all I have for this week. Please everyone remember #PRAYFORKARA she's awesome but everyone could use prayers the week before their baptism :)

Love y'all! 

Happy Birthday Kerrbear!!!!


This week was pretty sick not goona lie. These last couple weeks have probably been the busiest of my entire mission, probably my life actually. But it's been a straight up blast!  The work in the Nauvoo zone is soo sick all the time! There are a ton of prepared people and the ward is great at fellow-shipping the people we bring to Church!

So this week was packed with fun, hard work, and some straight up blessings from the Big Man.

-So this week we were super busy all week. We were in Illinois until about 10:00 pm helping move some missionaries and interviewing their investigator for baptism. When as we're driving home we realized that there was literally no other cars on the road and there was this sign with flashing lights on it that said there was a tornado warning! So we drive through this crazy storm and we get back to Burlington and are running to the apartment and just getting wrecked in the face by hail haha. But turns out a Tornado touched down outside Burlington and almost hit the Hospital but luckily it didn't!!

-This week we had a lot of exchanges, we drove Keokuk for D-meeting, then we drove back up to B-Town for our D-Meeting. Then we had exchanges with Elder Zinn and Elder McCain (Yes McCain my former comp is in my zone now so I get to exchange with him now I'm pumped!) But I was with Elder Zinn and we taught some tight lessons that got us some new investigators that are looking solid!

-We also had Exchanges with the AP's which was tight! I was so pumped to be back in Des Moines that place is heaven. SO MANY AFRICANS! I felt like I was coming home lol. I've decided that I enjoy teaching Africans the most because, I'm not good with teaching white people, I'm not cool enough to teach the Ghetto Black people, but the Africans just accept me for the awkward white boy that I am. But anyways exchanges with the APs was tight. I got to go with Elder Jakubczek that kid is a stud! Afterwards one of the Senior Missionaries took us out to lunch at HuHott which was a tender mercy I love that place and ate like 5 plates. 

-A crazy Miracle happened this week as well. Gundy and I made a comp goal to pray for a Media Referral to come to us so we could teach someone super solid. So we prayed that night and the next day we got a call from a member in RENO NEVADA referring his daughter who wants us to baptize her!!! Literally we were jumping up and down we were so pumped. God is so good. She came to Church this week and is on Date to be baptized on April 15th

-OK this was TIGHT so last week we got a call from President Badger saying that the one and only Russell M. Nelson was coming to Nauvoo for a fireside and he called President and asked him to invite us to his Fireside! So we got to listen to the President of the Quorum of the Twelve speak for 2 hours!!! It was sick, the spirit was so strong when he walked in, you could just feel the love he has for everyone it was dope. 

So this week was pretty freaking tight one of the best on my mish. I love Nauvoo and the City of Burlington. It's the best. 

Okay saved the best for last though!


If you see her please give her a giant bear hug for me!

I love you guys! 

Exchanges with our Tight APs Elder Jakubczek and Elder Orgil