Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, April 24, 2017

Conference and Such

What's up Loved ones? 

So this week was transfer week, like I said last week we found out what was happening early by accident lol. So no huge suprises there. But it was still exciting cause I'm with my bro E. Anitok! Hailing from the Marshall Islands. He's so tight. It's been our dream to serve together so we're pretty pumped.  

This week has just been busy. We drove a lot again. We had to drive to two district meetings, we also had to drive down to Quincy Illinois for one of Elder Anitok's baptisms. Also tomorrow we get to drive up another hour and a half to Iowa City for MLC which will be good. So this week has just been spent in the car. But Anitok is pretty entertaining so we are getting by haha. 

General Conference this week was dope. I loved it. I especially loved Elder Bednar's talk in the Priesthood session. It's was probably my favorite one! Really nothing that exciting has happened so far this week. We have just been running between meetings. Hopefully I'll have some good stories this coming week haha! 

I love you guys! Keep it real. 

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