Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter, Heck Ya

What's good loved ones? 

This week felt like it was never going to end! It was just so stinking long. We had so much stuff we had to do, and we dind't get to work in our area very much and when all that stuff happens I tend to get frustrated and go 0-100 real quick.  But this week I've been focusing on being more chill and not worrying about the little things we can't really control anyways. 

But this week was a big testimony builder of hard work. We had two big meetings this week, interviews and a mission wide meeting. Interviews were good like usual, it kind of gets redundant having them once a transfer now but it's dope being with President and Sister Badger. So fun story during interviews, so the night before we had interviews we cleaned the temple and stayed the night in Hamilton. So that night we decided we'd play soda pong, so we played like 10 games with a ton of this just nasty, garbage tasting soda. Then we started putting jello in it to spice things up. Of course elder Anitok and I being us dominated every game. But we still drank a ton of this off brand sprite and root-beer. So that night everyone was just wrecked, meanwhile I'm over here totally fine. So fast forward next day we are sitting outside the interviews going over missionaries planners and area books. All of a sudden I just hit a wall and was super light headed, long story short I puked at least a 2 gallons of this stuff up. It was disgusting, but luckily I was good to go after that. I'm glad I lived a sheltered life back home cause Idk how people play that with alcohol lol. 

So interviews were good. 

Also this week we had the entire IDMM meet together for a meeting with Whitney T. Clayton, the president of the 70. It was pretty tight. Good things were taught and all that jazz.  I got to see my "son" Elder Esplin it was tight I also met his boy "Elder Mecham"  so we had ourselves a little family reunion. 

Ok the night before this meeting thing, we stayed the night in Fair Field IA, with the ZL's there. So it's been a dream of mine to go to Fair Field, not to serve there really cause that town is creepy and small as flip. But cause they have the Maharaishe college (THE PLACE WHERE THEY MEDITATE IN DOMES AND LEARN HOW TO FLY) so we got to walk around there a bit and meet som "flyers". Glad that happened. Hope I never have to go to Fair Field again tbh. 

Some other cool stuff that happened this week:

- Had passover dinner with a Jewish Fam we're trying to teach. (BTW lamb is actually not that bad, pounded like 4 plates of that bad boy)

- Got to hold a baby pitbull (literally every person in B-town owns at least two of these suckers)

- Got to clean the Nauvoo temple again and chill in the tower. That place is Heaven on Earth for real. 

Elder Anitok quote of the week: 

(Driving on the Freeway)

Me: "Bro why you getting so close to this car?"

Anitok:" I like when the red dot comes up on our windshield and  it beeps. Makes me feel like Imma fighter pilot."



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