Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Baptisms in B-town


Well this week has been great! We had a baptism, we caught someone pulling a gun on someone else on video, and I just low-key found out all of the transfer doctrine for our whole mission before transfers. Two Words: WACK

Well yeah this week has been crazy. We've been running around trying to get everything set up for Kara's Baptism and also trying to get investigators to attend the baptism as well! It was a super stressful week and we felt like it felt like we didn't have half the time we needed to get everything done. But the Lord definitely helped us out big time. 

Man we had a lot of funny events happen this week though. First we saw two ghetto guys almost get in a shoot out. Captured on video by the way. #NightCrawler
One other thing that happened this week was we went on exchanges with the Hamilton elders. Elder McCain and Elder Zinn. So Hamilton is interesting place. It's very anti and all the people "Know everything" About the Mormons already. Safe to say we met some delightful people that day :) We also had a water bottle filled with urine thrown at us! LOL. It was a fun day in good ole Illinois :)

Okay the most important thing that happened this week was that we had another great BAPTISM!! It was tight stuff. Kara did amazing. We also had two awesome investigators there as well! It was a great moment! I got to confirm her the next day and it was another great experience! 

But yeah it's been a good week. I love the work here in B-town. I also just found out my new comp is the one and only...Elder Eckes Anitok Jr. aka one of my bestfriends in the mish. I'm excitied to serve with my crazy Hawaiian brotha. But I'll miss my freakishly tall Gundy for sure :(

Me and my soon to be comp (the short brown one)

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