Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Happy Birthday Kerrbear!!!!


This week was pretty sick not goona lie. These last couple weeks have probably been the busiest of my entire mission, probably my life actually. But it's been a straight up blast!  The work in the Nauvoo zone is soo sick all the time! There are a ton of prepared people and the ward is great at fellow-shipping the people we bring to Church!

So this week was packed with fun, hard work, and some straight up blessings from the Big Man.

-So this week we were super busy all week. We were in Illinois until about 10:00 pm helping move some missionaries and interviewing their investigator for baptism. When as we're driving home we realized that there was literally no other cars on the road and there was this sign with flashing lights on it that said there was a tornado warning! So we drive through this crazy storm and we get back to Burlington and are running to the apartment and just getting wrecked in the face by hail haha. But turns out a Tornado touched down outside Burlington and almost hit the Hospital but luckily it didn't!!

-This week we had a lot of exchanges, we drove Keokuk for D-meeting, then we drove back up to B-Town for our D-Meeting. Then we had exchanges with Elder Zinn and Elder McCain (Yes McCain my former comp is in my zone now so I get to exchange with him now I'm pumped!) But I was with Elder Zinn and we taught some tight lessons that got us some new investigators that are looking solid!

-We also had Exchanges with the AP's which was tight! I was so pumped to be back in Des Moines that place is heaven. SO MANY AFRICANS! I felt like I was coming home lol. I've decided that I enjoy teaching Africans the most because, I'm not good with teaching white people, I'm not cool enough to teach the Ghetto Black people, but the Africans just accept me for the awkward white boy that I am. But anyways exchanges with the APs was tight. I got to go with Elder Jakubczek that kid is a stud! Afterwards one of the Senior Missionaries took us out to lunch at HuHott which was a tender mercy I love that place and ate like 5 plates. 

-A crazy Miracle happened this week as well. Gundy and I made a comp goal to pray for a Media Referral to come to us so we could teach someone super solid. So we prayed that night and the next day we got a call from a member in RENO NEVADA referring his daughter who wants us to baptize her!!! Literally we were jumping up and down we were so pumped. God is so good. She came to Church this week and is on Date to be baptized on April 15th

-OK this was TIGHT so last week we got a call from President Badger saying that the one and only Russell M. Nelson was coming to Nauvoo for a fireside and he called President and asked him to invite us to his Fireside! So we got to listen to the President of the Quorum of the Twelve speak for 2 hours!!! It was sick, the spirit was so strong when he walked in, you could just feel the love he has for everyone it was dope. 

So this week was pretty freaking tight one of the best on my mish. I love Nauvoo and the City of Burlington. It's the best. 

Okay saved the best for last though!


If you see her please give her a giant bear hug for me!

I love you guys! 

Exchanges with our Tight APs Elder Jakubczek and Elder Orgil

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