Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Hey Friends and family. This week was pretty crazy so I'm just goona write a list of things and expound on a few of them. 

- So the craziest thing that happened this week was actually right after p-day. So to get from Iowa to Nauvoo you have to cross this big toll bridge. So we were crossing back to Iowa after P-day and the lady working the booth let us across the bridge. So we're driving along minding our own business and all that. Then all of a sudden there this giant crash and our car stops in place. So we look back and this giant metal gate that blocks cars from crossing the bridge comes down ON TOP OF OUR CAR. It scared the heck out of us not goona lie. But yeah so this 2 ton gate came down on top of our back windshield and smashed our trunk as well. Pretty much wrecked our Malibu we were pretty salty. But good news. The bridge is paying for it all, and I didn't end up having to pay a $735 dollar ticket for not having our insurance with us.. 

-So funny story now that our Malibu is in the shop (10,000 dollars of damage, thanks bridge!) we had to take the Hermana's car from them so we could get around the Zone to do exchanges and get to the different D-Meetings.  So the Hermanas have walk around there area lol. Sorry not sorry sisters. Granted the average weight gain for a sister in this mission is 40 lbs so we are actually doing them a favor if you think about it.

- So this week we were able to do exchanges in our area for a few hours. I was with Elder Perez for the day he's a cool homie from Nevada. He's pretty young in the mission, but he's an awesome teacher and hard worker. So we worked hard and found 8 new investigators together it was a great day. One of the cooler experiences I've had in a while happened during this exchange as well. So we were trying to contact this referral and I typed her address into the the GPS. It was 2305, so we are driving and I go up to the house to knock it and it's a super wrecked and run down duplex. Then I looked at the door number and it was actually 2205. So I was like oh it's the wrong door I'll just walk down and find the right address. But before I left I had a pretty strong impression to knock this nasty door. I ended up being like naw I've knocked it before and no one answered, pretty sure it's abandoned yada yada yada excuses and crap. So we leave and try the right address and no one was there. Later this same day we just got out of a lesson and we got a phone call from a lady named Jennifer. She told us she was baptized in 1993 and fell away from the church after awhile. Long story short she moved to Burlington to get a fresh start and brought her young son with her. She told us she wants to come back to Church and get to the temple, she also wants her son to be baptized! Here's the kicker, her address is that 2205 house I should of knocked on. She told us that day she had been praying for the missionaries to find her. #HUMBLED. Always follow your promptings from the spirit boys and girls. I'm glad Heavenly Father gave us a second chance on this one! 

-Fun story for the Day, on Saturday morning me, Elder Anitok, and Elder Zinn played three black guys from Chicago in Church ball. And we totally wrecked their day. #WHITEKIDPOWER.

-Also we had to give the Hermanas their car so they could drive to pday so we made them makes us breakfast since we had to sacrifice and get up at 5:30 for them.

That's been our week though. Pics to come. 

1. Post crash pic

2. When the sisters have to give you a ride home. Embarrassing. 

3. Breakfast feast courtesy of our needy sisters.

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