Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Sunday, June 4, 2017

More Baptisms, More Car Crashes

What's up world?

This week was really dope. We saw a ton of awesome things happened and we survived yet another vehicular mishap. So to start of this week we had a pretty good P-day, we did the normal drive up to Mt. Pleasent to give the Hermana's their car to drive to P-Day. So we have a nice chill day, have dinner with a member and all that good stuff. So while this is all going on, we had 2 other Elders with us so Elder Zinn could interview our Investigators for their Baptism this weekend. So we are driving to this interview in the Elders truck, and Elder Zinn mistook a 2-way stop for a 4-way stop. So we got T-Boned by a guy going like 45ish haha. It was pretty scary. Their Truck is pretty messed up but luckily we are all fine. The bad news is that now our car is in the shop, and now so is their truck. So we have one fully operational car in the District, which is like a 1.5 hour drive from one end to the other haha. So trying to coordinate everybody and make sure they get to where they need to be has been super stressful and annoying but it's chill. 

On the Bright side we had some awesome things happen. 

-First and foremost Zak, Evan, and Donovan were all baptized on Saturday! It was probably one of the funniest baptisms I've ever been to. The boys were pretty crazy and funny. After I baptized Evan and Donovan, all the boys tried to jump back in the font and take a celebratory swim. It was hilarious.  Their Mom our Recent convert Kara was there as well and she loved it. I'm so happy we were able to help complete the King family! I love this family! 

- We had the chance to meet up with President Badger and President Church (The Nauvoo Stake President) two spiritual giants in my book. We got to discuss the missionary work in the Nauvoo Zone and how we can be the most effective leaders as possible. If you've ever seen the movie "Money Ball" that's what it felt like in there. Expect we weren't talking baseball we were talking baptisms. 

-Here's a funny story. So we tried to go get an estimate on the Elders Truck. So it got towed to some lot cause it's not drive-able so we follow the address and it takes us to the middle of no where. We got there and it's this super sketchy scrap yard place and the owners literllay looked like they were straight outta Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was a fun experience. 

Well transfer calls are tomorrow so I'll hopefully be able to get the word out where I'm going or if I'm staying before next monday. I'm hoping I stay. B-town has been by far my favorite area everything about here is dope. But since I love it so much it'll probably be my only two transfer area cause ya know, missions. 

Here's a plethora of pictures because I actually took some this week. 

Love you guys


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