Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Friday, September 9, 2016

Bruh, You Wanna Peg

This past week was pretty busy which is always good! We were able to get a lot of work done and we found a few people that seem to be pretty solid, so things are starting to look up! We found quite a few people that have a ton of potential and are willing to schedule set appointments and not be super flakey which is always awesome. 
This was our first week without a car in about 7 weeks so it was a painful transition back lol, we walked probaly a good 20 miles this week. But I actually enjoy walking sometimes and having time to myself to just walk and think. It's also great for finding new people because everyone is out walking around. A perfect example of this is our new Investigator David. we were walking home Sunday night and we walked passed this Mexican restaurant and this guy came walking out and I just said Hi to him and he offered us a peppermint so we just started walking down the side of this road with him. The whole time we taught about the Restoration and how God has restored the Priesthood to the Earth, and David just ate it all up! He was a super nice and humble guy, then things got interesting. So we're finishing up the lesson with David, just grabbing his contact information and stuff. Then I see this long haired hippy guy j-walking across the street towards us (So since I've been on my Mission I can spot the bashers a mile away and I could tell from the start this guy was finna bash.) anyways this guy jumps into the conversation and tries to give David a card for his church and all this stuff. He introduced himself as a "Youth Pastor" (sounds like a cheap ripoff of Young Men's President if you ask me) for some random Grace Junkie church. But anways he basically tries to get David to come to his Church instead and tells him that we don't believe in Christ. But David basically told him to swerve to it was awesome, he told us he call us and gave us the bro handshake ;). But the poor pastor tried to bash and made himself look pretty silly. 

Altogether it was a fun week, we got a new ZL living with us, Elder Madsen he's really cool! So the house is lit every night now haha. I'll send some videos of our nightly adventures. 

some funny things that happened this week:

#1 We were walking after we talked to the basher and this guy is on a bike across the street and yells "Jehovah's Witnesses go home!" and I yell back "We're Not Jehovah's we're Mormons!" . I thought it'd be funny if we go talk to him. So we walk across the street and he is with some random lady and they see us coming and the guy is like "Oh (expletive) we gotta go" and the lady hops on his pegs and they rode off lol. It was pretty funny.

#2 We were walking around these ghetto apartments and we told these little kids we had to go cause we had to walk a long way. Then this little kid who can't be older then seven is sitting on his bike and he just looks at me and says "Bruh you wanna peg?" I started laughing so hard, the kid's bike was meant for like a 3 year old, that would of been a funny sight to see. 

Well I love you all, have a good week! Shout out to all my friends in the MTC!


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