Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, January 2, 2017

-30 Degrees and We are Still Baptizing!

What's up everyone? We had another Good and Cold week here in good ole Ankeny!

First thing's first, we had another awesome Baptism this week! Chris Brima was Baptized this Saturday! It was the best! I love Baptisms they are such an awesome moment to be apart of. Especially with people that you have come to know and love like Chris. This past week was super stressful leading up to the Baptism but we were able to overcome a few logistical problems (nightmares actually), but it all worked out in the end. Chris was able to get to the Church and some how is tiny little African body survived the blizzard and -15 degree weather. This baptism was really special because of how the ward came together to help Chris. The Ward has gone through some crazy stuff in the past few months ex: a New Bishop, moving to a new Stake, the formation of a Brand new Stake (Because of member numbers growing so fast (Shout out to all us IDMM Missionaries ;) ) and a ton of weather related emergencies they had to deal with. But despite all the craziness we were still able to get Chris baptized by his awesome fellowshipper Brian! 

Chris will have to wait to be confirmed until next week though because Church was canceled yesterday! Apparently no one wants to go to Church when it's -31 degrees and there is a State Wide Frostbite Warning... so we had to stay in the apartment for 6 hours yesterday. I swear I was about to catch cabin fever. 

Another cool thing that happened on Sunday was we got to drive 45 miles west to Perry, IA so I could interview the Hermana's investigator. She did great and it looks like everyone in our Zone will be baptizing this transfer which was our goal for the Zone! 

Other than that this week has just been a lot of knocking on doors in the frigid tundra. President Badger just came out and said he doesn't want us knocking doors when its below 0 degrees...so I guess we won't be knocking doors from December until March? Lol should be interesting to see what happens with that. I personally am starting to enjoy the cold, everyone lets us in to at least tell us we are insane for being outside! 

We'll I hope you all have a great Christmas (honestly almost forgot that's this week) I love you all! Hope it's a great one!

Elder Milligan

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