Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Sunday, December 4, 2016


God Bless America am I right?!

What's up everyone? This week was so good! We got a new President and we got to see three amazing girls get baptized this week!! Two of my favorite things! This week was pretty crazy, Iowa is a pretty big state in the election process so it felt like there was Political garbage being thrown around all week. So it was kind of hard to find people that wanted to talk about anything other than Trump and Killary all week. This week definitely taught me a lot about patience and charity as our super liberal investigators vented about how evil trump is lol. Definitely had to hold my tongue a few times.

That's not important though, the important thing that happened this week was Larverta, Larvetta, and Faith were all baptized and confirmed!! It was the best day of my Mission I swear! It was so good to be with the girls on their big day, I had the opportunity to baptize Larverta and Faith as well as confirming Larvetta. It was an awesome experience and the spirit was ridiculously strong!

The night after their Baptism the girls and their family had us over for dinner and it was lit. They hit the quan, and did the whip. They taught us how to "JuJu on the beat" (I feel like an old dad trying to stay cool when I say that) and they also sang a bunch of Bruno Mars and Wiz Khalfia songs for us hahaha. It was so fun. The atmosphere was just so joyful and fun I loved it so much. The African food wasn't half bad either...surprisingly. Well That's all I got folks. I hope you are all enjoying life. 

Love you guys

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