Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, February 6, 2017

All I Want for my Birthday is a Big African Family

What's up everybody?!

Ok first thing is first. Big Shout out to everyone who emailed or sent me stuff for my birthday. You guys are all true homies ("You Loyal"-DJ Khaled Voice) haha but yeah thanks guys I have the best friends and family out there!

So this week was great. Like really good, especially for Ankeny, Iowa. We saw a ton of blessings from our hard work this week. Most of those blessings came in the form of tons of new people to teach and an one, big, awesome African family that is super awesome and prepared!

So we have basically been working our butts off the first half of the transfer looking for new people to teach and help come closer to Christ. The first weeks were DRY but we kept grinding and Heavenly Father came in clutch as usual. This week we were led to 6 really awesome individuals who are all ready to progress in the gospel. 

So the first people I'll talk about are our investigators

Hawa, Margret, and Tracey: They are an awesome family from Sierra Leon, Hawa is the sister of an African member in the ward that we were told to go stop by a member. Hawa and her daughters Margret and Tracey are all awesome and super prepared to be baptized. We set a baptismal date with them for February 11th! Awesome stuff. They shouldn't have any problems, super great family.  
Eladia: Eladia is a really nice lady, she's living with the son of the Hawa's sister. Kind of a complicated story. But we went and gave her son a blessing for his seizures and she loved it. We taught her the restoration and she accepted a baptismal invite. I'm excited to teach her.

Jamie: Jamie is still doing great, working with her on stopping her smoking. But she's coming to church this week and she is super focused on her date for Feb. 25th.

We found a lot more awesome people this week as well. Tons of blessings. 

Another crazy thing that happened this week was the Mission Department came out and changed our whole key indicator system. It's tons different now but it's exciting and way more effective. 
They also made our P-days longer. So the first super P-day is my B-day ;) Thanks Elder Oaks ;)

Alright I love you guys! Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! You're all awesome!

Jake, the 20 year old lol...yikes.

 Me and my homie Chris:

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