Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, August 7, 2017

Ain't No Rest For The Righteous

This week was hot and sweaty. But it was awesome. We had some real cool things happen this week and got a ton of good work done. Elder Butterfield and I were driving all over the place this week. We were down in Nauvoo for P-Day, it was pretty good we got to play some Marshallese kids in Basketball that were visiting with their Ward from North Carolina. Then Tuesday we had a whole day to work in our area, so we went out and pounded the pavement and found 5 new investigators and tried to get people ready for Church on Sunday. We found some people with a lot of potential so hopefully we'll be able to help them. 

Tuesday night we drove up to Iowa City with the Quincy ZL's and stayed the night with the Iowa City ZL's before MLC. The YSA Elders were there as well so we had 8 Elders in the Apartment with no air conditioning and 100% Humidity. But it was still a party. MLC the next day was amazing, we had two guy from the Mission Department in Salt Lake come and give some training. They had a lot of awesome feedback and suggestions for us. Their main focus was teaching us how to help our Missionaries, find people to teach, and get investigators to Church. We had a really good practice of teaching a lesson solely on Church attendance and helping investigators feel more comfortable so they can focus on the spirit at Church. MLC was good overall, after we got to eat dinner at the Iowa City mall, it was nice being back in civilization for a little bit lol.

Thursday, we had two District Meetings to attend and gave a small training on what we learned on MLC. It was good, both meetings were solid. After the second meeting we had a short exchange with the Hamilton Elders, I went with Elder Perez, he's a stud. Pretty quite guy but he's a great teacher and missionary. 

Friday we had exchanges with the Macomb Elders, we got a lot of work done and found 8 more investigators. We spent the whole day knocking, which was great. I've grown to love knocking doors, especially in Burlington, you're guaranteed and least one crazy story every street haha. 

Saturday, we went back up to Iowa City for an investigator that Elder Butterfield got to Baptize. It was way cool, tons of people came for it so it was great. I love Iowa City, I'm pushing pretty hard to go there next transfer for my last area haha.

Also, here's some news. So since my departing transfer falls on the week of winter semester. President Badger is actually sending my group home 2 weeks before the transfer day. So I'll be arriving home Dec. 29th. Crazy Stuff.

Alright that's all I got. I love you guys, have a great week!



More Goodbyes at MLC, all the Mission Legends are dying off.

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