Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, August 7, 2017

Iowa City; Where The Grass is Green and The Girls Are Pretty


I'm emailing from my new home and hopefully my last area, the BEAUTIFUL Iowa City!! Yes the dream came true and Elder Zinn and I got our shot at serving together in a college town, yes! I'm super pumped to be here in IC it feels like I'm back in civilization after spending 6 months out on the frontier in Nauvoo. One of the things President Badger said while telling me I was going there was "Elder Milligan, I believe they have a Huhott in IC, I knew you'd be excited for that." He knows me to well.

So Iowa City is lit. There's college kids everywhere and school is about to start up, so everyone is moving in. Sometimes when Elder Zinn and I are sick of knocking we will just walk by the dorms and offer to help move people in and invite them to institute and Church lol. 

My New comp is Elder Zinn, we came out together and he was in our district in Nauvoo so I know him well, he's one of my good friends in the mission so we were stoked when we found out. Our zone is a party and we've had a lot of fun so far. He is super creative and abstract so it's funny being his comp. 

So I just got here and our teaching pool is kind of trash right now lol. So I don't really have anyone to talk about but that will change by next week cause we are goona build this place up right quick. Sunday was cool though, we cover the 2nd ward here which is all the famalies that moved here for residency at the med, dental, and law schools. So a lot of young families and doctors so I love talking to them. Our ward is diverse to there's families from Africa, China, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Scotland and more, it's sick. 

That's all I really have for this week, I'll send a lot of pics I took saying goodbye to the families I loved in B-town and some final pics from Nauvoo. I love ya'll have a good week. 

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