Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Week of Spills

Ya'ree everyone! Apparently that is how you greet strangers on your porch in Iowa. I guess it's like a slurred version of how are you or something? That's just what my comp told me lol. But anyways this week was super long and super hard but it was great at the same time. Let me start off with the bad. Tyce and Jenny our married investigators are on the ropes right now and could use some prayers. They are really struggling with tithing, they are willing to pay but don't believe Jesus thinks tithing is important...Super frustrating cause they are super solid and are great with everything else. But we are having a do or die lesson with them this week and they will either get baptized or we will have to drop them for now. So if you remember to pray for them that would be much appreciated! They are great and I feel so bad that they are willing to let such a petty issue keep them from being baptized, I was fighting back a lot of emotion as we left their house cause you can just feel Christ's love from them but they just keep pushing it away. Super depressing but that's the mission I guess. However my home girl Sherri is killing this investigator thing, she has read the Book of Mormon to Omni already! And her little black children are my favorite part of my mission so far. Black kids are my JAM and I can't wait to adopt one when I'm older lol. But they are very cute and their names are sick. Quintrell is 9 years old and is my pal out here in Waverly he has all these little KD and Jordan sneakers and pulls them out and shows me and talks about Steph and Lebron all the time lol. Then Sherri's toddler is named E'Sean and he's my dream child he's literally so cute. And her baby is named Shariah and she's also very cute. All the kids are from different fathers and Sherri sounds like she's had a rough past but it just goes to show that the gospel can touch anyone at anytime and change anybody's life! She is still set for baptism so hopefully she doesn't have a tithing melt down... And Michael is also doing well, he got super sick so we haven't been able to meet with him so that sucks but he keeps in contact every day! We have been tracting a lot this week. We knocked 107 doors and didn't get inside any of them (Blessed). But we did get some funny stories and I have been learning how much Midwesterners hate when interrupt "Supper". 
Funny things that Happened this week:

Ok first thing, we went to see a recent, less active convert named Kevin. He has word of wisdom issues and chews a lot. But we  were teaching him a lesson and the whole time he keeps interrupting and saying "Elder Mulligan, you look like a celebrity but I don't know who." and he won't let it go. So I'm reading to him and he just freaks out and he's like "I got it!!" and he hits his chew cup full of spit and it goes all over me... Literally all on my pants and shirt and tie. And he barely even noticed and just pulled up a picture of my look a like and he's like "His Name is Eric Roberts!" and the guy is like 50? I was just like "Oh thanks Kevin??" lol.

Second funny thing, we were at another less active family and they are an old couple with two dogs (I think in Waverly it's a city ordinance that you must own multiple dogs) and this black lab sticks its head in my lap and pukes! A day after the chew!! I just looked at Elder Sjoblom and was like "dude I can't hang" so I left and went into the kitchen to gather my self lol.

Third funny thing, little E'sean sneezed on me and Sjoblom! Our lives are literally a mess right now. I was covered in snot and bugers and that's worse than puke. But he's so cute I couldn't be mad at him so I'll let it slide I guess.

I hope you all have a great week. Look for opportunities to share the gospel with someone. We are all missionaries! 
Birthday boxes!

"Is this Heaven?.... No, it's Iowa."

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