Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, February 15, 2016

What Does The Fox Say?

Hey everyone! I hope all of you had a splendid week. This past week has been super long and pretty hard, but it has been great and I have definitely grown a ton! We spent most of the week knocking doors and driving from small town to small town. There is like 5 towns in our area and they are all around 20 miles apart so we spend a lot of time driving our Subaru (kill me) around powdunk Iowa lol. This week we knocked in 5 different towns and we actually got inside of a house!! My first time ever lol, it only took 3 weeks! And it was technically an apartment so I'm still waiting to be invited in to a real house haha. But anyways a nice guy named brad let us in to warm up, he answered the door shirtless cause he was "in the middle of a work out" but it was super funny cause he was super sweaty and out of breath. We taught him the restoration and he gave us his number and told us to call him next time we are in town! Holla. Other than that we had very little success. One guy answered the door and was like "Oh ya, Mormons, I really dig your guy's commercials" and I was just like "You know what else I think you'd dig? A message about Christ we share." It was super funny and he said we could come back and teach him. So on Sunday we had a blizzard and I guess in Iowa that means it's get out of Church free day. We had a solid 17 people show up to Church! I felt like I was in a foreign country or something it was crazy. Then the Branch president called and was like "Hey Elder I can't make it to Church...so would you mind teaching in Elders Quorum for me?" So I taught Elders Quorum, that was an experience. But then again there was only like 4 brethren there so I don't feel bad that it was probably super crappy lol. Our investigator Sherri didn't come to church...again...because she didn't have a car seat for her toddler. This is like the 3rd time it's happened, I'm about to head over walmart and buy that lady a car seat my self if she doesn't figure it out lol. Other than that Sherri and her kids are doing great. Also Michael is progressing and he reads the Book of Mormon consistently so he's awesome. Ok time for the funny story for the week.
Funny story:
Ok so we actually got invited over for a member dinner (I'm still in shock), and they live in the straight boonies, and fed us "ribs"  but for all I know it could of been squirrel meat. But we are sitting at the dinner table and the little daughter looks out and says "Look a fox is in our yard" and naturally I look at Elder Sjoblom and start making the fox noise from "What does the fox say?" and all the little kids just bust out laughing, cause they've never seen the video. So I told them to go look it up and we watched it and they wouldn't stop singing it the rest of the night. And kept making me go through all the sounds that a fox makes. Then at Church they kept saying "Elder what does a fox say?!" and apparently they won't stop watching the video at home... So the parents probably hate me, and we probably will never be invited to another dinner again. But no one ever feeds us anyways so whatever I guess lol. 

Well I hope you all had a great week. Shoutout to all of you that wrote letters and emails. You guys are great! Have a great week, and go share the gospel.

Love you all,
Elder Milligan 

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