Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, February 29, 2016

Take Me To Church

How's it going everyone!? I hope your week was as good as ours here in beautiful Waverly! On Saturday it reached 60 degrees and I said approximately 27 prayers of gratitude for the semi decent weather. All joking aside, it was a really good week out here in the 319. Elder Sjoblom and I traversed all over the Eastern side of Iowa due to meetings. The most exciting thing this week was being reunited with all the MTC homies at the Trainer/Trainee meeting in Iowa City. I got to see Elder Hansen and the rest of my BFF's from room 408 so that was a blast! The meeting was conducted by President and Sister Jensen, it was great to spend more time with them and get to know them better. We learned a lot about Joseph and Hyrum and how they were pretty much the most clutch missionary companionship in the history of the Gospel, and how we should try to model our faith after theirs. 
We also got to have interviews with President and Sister Jensen on Friday and they are the bomb. They aren't joking when they tell you that your Mission President and his wife are like your parents out here. They are the most loving people, it's pretty crazy. President Jensen is hilarious too, he was talking to me about Elder Sjoblom and I moving out of our apartments cause our water comes out orange and there is mold all over the place (only the best for the Lord's Servants I guess) and he was like "You need to move out! I don't have to deal with bad water for my Elders, for goodness sake we aren't poor!" I was laughing so hard he was getting pretty fired up, and then he asked me about Elder Hansen and I told him that we are planning on serving our last 4 transfers together so he should just plan on that ;) 
Big Spiritual Moment this week:
My home girl Sherri MADE IT TO CHURCH! And I think I have like 50 grey hairs from the stress of getting it to finally happen, but we did it! I have a super strong testimony of prayer now. We called about 15 different branch members trying to find her a ride and no one was able to so I was literally just keeled over in the front seat of the sube, begging Heavenly Father to help us get her a ride. Then finally after we had gone home for the night feeling defeated, a family in the branch called us back and said they'd be willing to give her one! I've never been so happy on the mish lol. Then in Church we sat in the foyer waiting until Sacrament started and they still had yet to show up. I thought for sure she wasn't going to come so safe to say me and Elder Sjoblom were a tad grumpy. But instead of bashing my head on the back of the pew like I wanted to I just started praying again and low and behold in walks Sherri. It was hard not to break into dance I was so excited to see that woman lol. She said she loved Church especially relief society and her date is set for March 19th so hopefully all goes according to plan. 
Cool story for the week:
Ok so since I've been here I have been getting these low key vibes that this town is a small cult dedicated to Mumford and Sons. No joke there is a small church by our apartment with their lyrics on the wall and a bunch of weird symbols painted on the side! And there are random murals dedicated to them all over the town. So I finally asked a member why the whole town is decked out in references to them. And he told me that they came to Waverly and played a whole show in a park just for fun!? I was just like "Why...Why Waverly?" but I guess they were just on tour and they were driving through Iowa and thought "Hey this place is pretty barren and desolate, lets throw these people a concert!" But anyways, they left a piano from their show in the park and Me and Elder Sjoblom went and played it and took some model shots with it. Pretty random but I love Mumford so I was pretty hype.
I hope you all have a great week. Go and Share the Gospel aight.

Elder Milligan

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