Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, March 7, 2016

When a fire starts to burn

What is up everybody? I hope you all had a great week and that you had the opportunity to share the gospel with someone! Our week here in Waverly has been kind of exhausting, it felt like the week was never going to end to be honest. But it was still full of awesome and spiritual moments, along with some really funny ones as well! So this week we were finding for pretty much the entire week, which is always good for stories and funny experiences. We also had a great district meeting all the way out in Manchester, Iowa which is like 2 hours from Waverly haha. Our district area is massive, so district meeting always takes up a huge portion of the day because it is like a 6 hour ordeal all things considered. One funny thing that happened at district meeting was that Elder Sjoblom and I were so tired the whole morning before the meeting and during the drive that we fell asleep in the Church parking lot waiting for the Sisters to show up haha! We were asleep for probably a solid half hour and I was rudely woken up by our Sister from Samao Sister Tauti, opening the door and yelling "Good Morning Elder Milligan!" in here crazy accent it was super funny. I like screamed cause she caught me so off guard lol. 
Tracting this week was pretty slow and no one seemed to be interested at all. The most interesting thing that happened wasn't particularly spiritual but it was definitely memorable haha. What happened was Elder Sjoblom and I were walking up to this house and we could here a bass bumping inside so I figured it was a frat house or something for the college in Waverly. But I was wrong. As we get closer I look through the window on the door and I see these two OLD women. They were literally so old, they had to be in their 90's at least. The lady who answered looked like the old version of Rose from Titanic! But anyways I look through this door and I see these two old women doing like a dance routine in front of the TV with the speakers just bumping the song "When a Fire Starts to Burn" by disclosure. For those of you who have not heard this song, I'd strongly encourage you to look it up and as you listen, try and imagine the scene I am describing to you. These ladies are just going hard to this song and I am trying so hard not to laugh, but the lady answers the door and is just like "Sorry it's a bad time, my Pilates club is over" and I was just like "Oh sorry to interrupt, I really love that song though!" and then we left it was super off the wall and we couldn't stop laughing about it lol.
The best thing that happened to us this week though was that Sherri made it to Church again! And this time she brought all the cute black kids!! Haha it was a really awesome experience to see some of the families come up and fellowship her. She stayed all three hours and said she can't wait for next week! She is doing awesome and should make her baptismal date and we are sooooooo stoked for her. We are continuing to work with her and she has accepted every thing we have taught her with so much faith it's truly amazing to see the spirit work with her. 
Well I hope you all enjoy your week! But I have a major request, EVERYONE WISH MY AMAZING AND LOVELY MOTHER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS FRIDAY!!! I would really appreciate it if you all could give her a hug for me and tell her happy birthday. I wish I could be there to celebrate it with her. But she is the one who prepared me the most to be out here on the mish so she only has herself to blame I guess ;) 
Love you all, go share the gospel!!

Elder Milligan 

Waverly District, Feat. Fellow Eagle Homie Sister Schrader


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