Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, March 28, 2016

We are Moving!

   Hello friends and family! I hope you all had a solid week and that you all enjoyed your Easter weekend! This past week has been great here in Iowa, even though Sunday was probably the coldest and ugliest Easter I have ever seen lol. But we got invited over for Easter dinner by one of my favorite families and we had a great time with them, they are awesome! They even made us Easter Baskets, it almost felt like I was back home. This week was really awesome for our investigators, we taught Sherry's son Quentrel three times this week and he is just soaking in the lessons like a sponge! He gets so excited every time we come over and is always sprinting around and being hyper and we have to get him to recompose every three minutes haha. We have been teaching him the lessons in a super basic format and have just been drawing them out for him so it is easy for him to grasp, luckily Elder Sjoblom is a artistic prodigy and he draws these super detailed pictures of the lessons to keep him interested. The funniest thing about Quentrel is that he always argues with us when we talk about him getting baptized, he wants to move his date to the nearest possible Saturday and we tell him no every time and he gets super flustered. The other day we had to explain that the reason we choose certain dates is because we ask God when the person should be baptized and he gives us an answer and we have to stick to that. After I said that his eyes got huge and he was like "Wait, you talk to God about me?" and we were just like "Yep, all the time" and he just got super quiet. It was a really awesome moment and you could feel the spirit so strong. 
   Another great thing that happened this week was that we met a new investigator named Sarah! She is the granddaughter of one of our awesome members, she grew up in Baltimore and had a super rough life, but she wants to change and start coming to Church! We taught her the restoration at her Grandma's house and our ward mission leader bore his testimony about his conversion to the gospel and it was so powerful! She accepted the baptismal invite and wants to learn more, we are so excited for her!
   The best thing that happened this week however was that Sherry was finally confirmed as a member of the Church and received The Gift of the Holy Ghost! I'm so happy for Sherry and all the changes that have taken place in her life since she started accepting the Gospel! It's incredible to see how the Lord blesses us once we accept him as part of our lives. 
   One funny thing that happened this week was when we were volunteering at this place for adults with special needs, we go there every Tuesday to volunteer and the lady who runs it LOVES the missionaries it's hilarious. She is always trying to give us money for food and she even invited us over for her birthday dinner! One tradition they have there is that all the missionaries paint a ceiling tile in the building and hang it up, you're supposed to paint something that represents you or some cheesy thing like that haha, so I painted the North Face logo because it's one of the inside jokes in the Mission. It actually turned out pretty good I was pretty proud of my self ;).
   I hope you all have a great week and that you are blessed with opportunities to share the Gospel! I love you all! Happy Belated Easter!
Love, Elder Milligan

P.S. I forgot to elaborate on the subject line, we finally found a new apartment that doesn't have rusty water and we are moving soon! Ya!

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