Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, March 14, 2016

Saturday Night's Alright for Finding

Sup fam!? I hope you all had an amazing week, we had a pretty momentous occasion this past week in that we finally got to break out the short sleeve white shirts..Holla! The weather the last few days has actually been decently tolerable and the whole town has been turnt, like seriously all of Waverly is partying, like people standout in the street and drink and talk till like 3 am, it's kind of weird lol. Another milestone this week was the completion of my first transfer! Only six more weeks till I am no longer a baby! Unfortunately with transfers coming it was time to say goodbye to my homies Elder Henderson, Elder Marte, and Elder Martinson. We went out in style though, on Tuesday night before p-day Elder Henderson called and was like "Yo Elders, do you guys have dinner plans?" (Funny cause we never do. Ever. But it's fine.) And then I was like "Good one Elder of course not!" So he invited us down to Cedar Falls and we ate at Texas Roadhouse for his last dinner in the area. We spent the night at their apartment and the funniest thing happened, Elder Devenport took his mattress and came running into the living room and yelled "Sleepover!" and tried to slide on the mattress on the leather couch and he slid off and drilled the book shelf and knocked over the supply shelf for the entire Zone! It was hilarious, Elder Henderson was so ticked hahaha. 

Missionary work wise the week seemed to be going pretty slow, we had to drop a few of our potential investigators and we were getting pretty frustrated. That was until Saturday night, Elder Sjoblom and I were "Finding" in Waverly and we both got this impression to go to this small town called Nashua that we hardly ever go to because it's so small. We both looked at each other and said it at the same time, it was freaky! So we drove a half hour to this little town and it was insane! We knocked into this guy named Deangleo and he invited us in and told us he's met a few missionaries before. We taught the restoration and he loved it! He and his wife Amy are now investigating the church and it was a huge testimony builder and really showed me that if you continue to work hard even through a long dry spell like the one we had. The Lord will bless you! After that we went to meet with Sherri, and our additional male who was supposed to come didn't show up (ugh) so we just talked in the hallway about her baptism coming up on Saturday. Then her son Quintrell came up to us and said "Hey I've made a decision, I wanna get baptized." It caught us both so off guard we were just like "Heck ya Q!!" we were so hype it was an insanely good night. And a huge encouragement after the rough past few weeks we've had. Well I hope you all have a great week, shout out to my Mom once again for hitting the big FIVE-ONE (I think)! Wish her a belated happy birthday for me if you didn't get too already! 

Elder Milligan 

Feeling the love! Thanks everyone!

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  1. Love his great attitude! His letters are always fun to read.