Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, February 22, 2016


What up what up everybody? Hope you all had a spectacular week, it got up to a solid 48 degrees in Waverly this week so you could say I'm pretty hype right now! This week was so slow it was almost funny how bad it was but hey, learning experiences am I right? So this week we were able to teach Michael and Sherri again, neither of them came to church however. Michael has commitment issues and Sherri's baby has RSV, so I can't be mad at her even though I found her a car seat and didn't get to put it to use lol. But we did find a new investigator with some potential! His name is Jeff and he lives in Waverly, he is the guy that "Digs our commercials" haha, he is super cool and he had a lot of questions about Joseph Smith and the First Vision. He asked me if the South Park episode about it was accurate lol, but I set him straight. He also had a lot of Political Science questions about the Church which was interesting! 
So the big thing that happened this week was we had Exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Cedar Falls. I went with Elder Henderson and he is a total G, he reminds me of all my friends back home. We talked about all the crazy things and pranks he pulled in High School and it sounded just like the Eagle Homies lol. Goes to show all our mom's that were so worried about us back in the day but look at us now, out here changing lives. Elder Henderson also listened to a lot of rap back home so he wanted me to update him on all the new music that was out and he kept singing Mac Miller and J.Cole during exchanges hahaha. Another funny thing he does is whenever something weird happens he just straight up starts singing "This is Iowa! This is Iowa!" to the tune of "This is Halloween" from the Nightmare Before Christmas, I don't know why but it was super funny and it became our theme song for the day. But we had a great day together, we went finding pretty much the whole day and met a lot of cool people. It was probably the craziest day of my mission thus far, lots of funny things happened that I'll share. 
So the first thing that happened was we were knocking doors in an apartment building and I knock this door and I can hear a little girl yell to her mom. But no one answered and Elder Henderson went and talked to another man walking to his room. So naturally I went over to join in and we talk to this guy for about 3 minutes. He leaves. Then the door I just knocked starts opening and Henderson pushes me in front of the door and is telling me to talk to whoever comes out. So the door swings open and I'm just standing there and this little African lady looks out and like YELPS I wish I could recreate the sound that came out. It sounded like when someone kicks a puppy! She jumped behind her door and made me feel really awkward and Henderson was laughing so hard. She probably thought I was standing there for like 5 minutes waiting for her. And to top it all of she wasn't even interested. Shame.
Next thing that happened was I knocked on this door in a college apartment complex and this nice girl answers the door. It sounded like a small gathering was taking place inside and it turns out it was a hot tub party. So the girl answers the door and she's in her swim suit and lets just say it is not exactly in line with the For Strength of Youth Standards. She was super nice but I felt so awkward so I was like talking to her forehead trying not to make any eye contact, then to make it worse she actually invited us in and I was so shocked I just said "What?" and She was like "Uh you can come in if you want and tell me more" And I just looked at Henderson (Who is sitting there making suggestive faces at me) and I'm just like uh sorry we can't and awkwardly left her a pamphlet and gave her the ZL's number lol.
Last thing that happened. I had my first near, missionary beat down. Just kidding it wasn't that close (don't stress mom) But a truck drove past us and stopped, started swearing at us and then they backed up and a guy got out and started running at us! And we had to run behind a car wash and hop this tiny, chest high fence to get away! It made for an exciting end to the night lol,
I hope you all have a great week, my favorite scripture lately is 1 Nephi 18 I shared it with this football player who plays for UNI during exchanges and he started crying because he really felt the spirit. It was by far the most spiritual thing on my mission thus far. So I encourage you to read it, especially if you are stressed out or feel alone!
Love you all
Elder Milligan 

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