Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Curse of the Dogs

What is up everyone?! I hope you all had an excellent week, the weather here in Waverly is awesome right now! I never thought I'd actually say those words but it's true. Iowa in late April is the place to be it is the bomb! It's a great feeling when you go out to tract and your first inclination when you step outside isn't to roll over and die. Missionary work this week was pretty hard. We went to go have dinner and teach a lesson to our most promising investigator Sarah, but when we got there her grandma informed us she that she had relapsed and overdosed on methamphetamine. She's in the hospital now and will most likely be in rehab for the foreseeable future. That was pretty hard for us to swallow, it is always sad to see the consequences that come with drugs and unfortunately Iowa has a big problem in that respect. 
We have been working with this couple named De'angelo and Amy, De'angelo is straight outta the hood. He moved to Iowa from Chicago cause some of his friends got killed in gang stuff. He's got some insane stories. But we have met with them a few times and he is a talker and it's hard to get a word in. But we gave him and his wife a Book of Mormon and he promised to read so hopefully he comes through. He really wanted to come to Church but was unable to because of work so that was a bummer but he's got potential. This past week we did a lot of work with less active members and that was very rewarding. Awhile ago we went and gave a blessing to a guy in the branch named Vic, he played football for Oklahoma and played in the NFl. He's a really nice guy and hasn't been coming to church for a while. But he called us because he had been going through a bunch of health problems and had to go in for surgery and wanted a blessing. It was awesome to be able to give him a blessing and feel God's love for him. And yesterday he brought his whole family to Church! It was great to see him taking those steps back into activity.
This Sunday my companion and I gave talks on the Apostasy and Restoration of the gospel. It was pretty funny, we totally forgot we had to do them until Saturday night so we went to the church early and morning and wrote them in about 2 minutes. I think they went pretty well for having 3 bullet points each though haha. 
Ok so we tracted this trailer park on the outside of town on Sunday, and trailer courts are always good for stories. The first one requires some back story though; so it's a belief of Elder Sjoblom and mine that every missionary has a curse. Something that always goes against them or that they struggle with. My curse is dogs. I loved dogs back home, but since I've been on the mission dogs have been the bane of my existence. I've been puked on, peed on, I've stepped on countless piles of dog poop, and I've gotten bit by dogs like 20 times. I got bit 4 times last week lol, nothing too bad but still annoying. So anyways we walk up to this trailer and I hear this big dog barking and the guy lets him out of the door (tool move) and the thing charges right at us. The thing runs around Elder Sjoblom and comes towards me (Cursed) and jumps up to get me. But I'd had enough of this all week and I straight up 'falcon punched' that dog out of the air. Right in the schnoz, the dog hit the ground and looked at me like "What the" and then just ran off like nothing happened. It was super funny, my companion was just like looking at me trying not to laugh lol. 
Second funny story; we ran into this old lady who was a total basher. And she just starts ripping into the Book of Mormon and prophets and the plan of salvation. So she brings out one of those NWT bibles, which are just bibles that are in like modern English. We call them "Bibles for Dummies" (no offense to anyone who reads them) and I asked to see her bible to find a verse about the priesthood and I totally asked if I could see her "Bible for Dummies" on accident. It just slipped. She just looked at me with this super offended face, it was hilarious looking back. I just kind of went with it, I mean we shouldn't change the word of God in the first place so I really didn't feel bad at all but she just was speechless lol. We had a good laugh afterwords.
That's about all I have for this week. I also want to wish my amazing Dad a belated Happy Birthday!! I'm so grateful for him and all he does for me. If you see him make sure to tell him Happy Birthday for me! I love you guys, go share the gospel!
Elder Milligan

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