Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, May 2, 2016

We Wrecked the Sube

What's up everyone?! I hope you all had a bomb week. Elder Madsen and I's first full week together has been one of the funnest of my Mission thus far! We have been teaching a lot of people and have had some pretty funny experiences. We have definitely received a ton of help from the Lord as we have been trying to blow this area up (spiritually). 
Over the past Month and a half we have been working with our Investigators De'Angelo and Amy. They have always been interested in the Gospel and have loved having us over to discuss topics related to Jesus Christ. However they haven't been progressing very much and they weren't keeping commitments, but that all changed over the course of this past week! So Elder Madsen and I went to visit De'Angelo Friday night and we talked to him about the Priesthood and baptism for quite a while, then at the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized again and he got really excited and accepted the invite with fervor! We were pumped, then on Saturday we stopped by again and taught Amy as well, Amy is very quite and reserved. But we extended the invite to her as well and she got really excited and said yes as well! It was a huge testimony builder to me of how the Lord blesses us for our efforts. We have really been pouring our hearts and souls into trying to help Amy and De'Angelo progress towards baptism. We had been praying and fasting a lot for the Lord to help us get two people on date for baptism this week and through him we were able to accomplish our goal! We gave them a Baptismal Calendar with certain commitments and dates for lessons on it to help keep them on track to make their date. I've never been so pumped about Missionary work as I have this week. Even though the weather here is the most depressing thing ever and has more mood swings than the girls of Eagle High Class of 2015, nothing could bring us down this week. Yesterday it was 40 degrees and was pouring all day. Like I've never seen so much rain in my life, some of the streets in Waverly were flooded after an hour! But we loved every minute of it, and plus a lot of people let us in when we walk up to the door in our soaked and now see through short sleeve shirts, because they feel so bad for us lol it's the best. 
A lot of funny things happened this week. Most notably was Elder Madsen wrecking our car... Just kidding it's not wrecked, we just tore off the mud guard on accident. Elder Madsen was driving through a neighborhood and we hit this bump (The roads here are complete trash, thanks Obama) and we just hear this grinding noise. So we pull over and I open my door and the mud guard from under the tire swings in and lands in my lap! It was so funny. Luckily we called our vehicle coordinator and he sent us to a shop and it will cost like $25 bucks to fix. And we didn't even get an aggressive driving on the Tiwi lol. 
Another neat experience this week was Elder Madsen and I got together with a member and made a plan to start a family history class at the Waverly Library. We are pretty tight with all the Ladies there and they agreed to give us their conference room for free to teach the class in! We even got an add in the Newspaper, we taught the class on Thursday and about 14 non-members showed up it was a great opportunity to help them learn more about family history and plant some gospel seeds! The class went well enough that we decided we are going to do it for the next 6 weeks, we are pretty hype about it.
Well I hop you all have a great week! And that you all have a Happy Mother's Day! Special shout out to my mom Kerrbear! I love ya and can't wait to talk to you on Sunday!

Elder Milligan out

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