Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, May 23, 2016


What's up fam? I hope you all had a good week! This past week in Waverly has been pretty interesting to say the least. We had a pretty good week this past week but also have run into a number of people who don't exactly fit the friendly Iowan stereotype. I don't think I've ever run into so many anti's in one week! But luckily we had the privilege of educating quite a few of them on what our faith is all about. :)
The past week has been awesome teaching wise, we taught De'Angelo and unfortunately we found out he "Smokes that Green" occasionally... But whatever, I know he'll overcome it as he gains a greater testimony of the Gospel. But he told us he believes in the Book of Mormon and wants us to come to his Family Barbeque and teach his whole Family! So we're pumped for that!
We haven't met with my home girl Sister Kerr this week, she has been gone visiting Church history sites with President Kerr (She's so Golden I can't take it). We will meet with her tomorrow and set a baptismal date with her! I'm so pumped!
 We taught a ton of first lessons with people this week and got some solid return appointments so hopefully we will be able to get some more investigators next week as well.
My favorite thing that happened this week was going on exchanges with Elder Tekarika, he's one of my favorite Elders in the Zone. He's from the Kiribati Islands by Fiji and has Learned three different languages while out on his Mission! He's hilarious and he doesn't speak English super well but we always get along. The funniest thing happened, I was driving us to an appointment out in the boonies and we all of a sudden get a tornado alert! Literally the most excitable I've been on the mission, I was so pumped. Elder Madsen called and we were yelling through the phone to each other about how we're finally going to see a tornado. And meanwhile Elder Tekarika is just flipping out like "Whas Tornado?! Whas Tornado?!" in his accent it was so funny. I told him it was like a hurricane but on land instead and he got all freaked out and was like "Elder am I goona die? Elder are we goona die??" It was hilarious. But sadly we never saw the twister, it touched down by some other town not even in our area :(
So I have run into a ton of bashers on my Mission thus far and I've decided to start keeping a list of all the funny lies and stories they try to hit his us with; here is what we heard this week: 
Anti Mormon Lies of the Week:
1. The Church owns Coca-cola (Not true,  also confusing as to why that would matter)
2. The Church owns all the Vegas Casinos and Strip Clubs (This guy was drunk I think, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt)
3. Brigham Young killed everyone he came across as the Saints trekked across the plains. (Yeah they were in Great shape, definetly all strong enough to go out and commit some murder when they weren't starving and freezing to death. Oh and no dates, times, places, or names could be provided for some odd reason :( )
All joking aside this week was great. It was frustrating at times when running into people who feel the need to try and tear down others faith in Christ. But I know that the Church is true and that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us. And no amount of bashing and hate can take that away. 
I hope that you all have an excellent week, I love you all and hope you enjoy the start of your summer! Go share the Gospel!
Elder Milligan

Elder Tekarika and I on exchanges

Rehearsing for my role as Satan in the primary Reader's Theater. Somehow Madsen got to read Christ's part.

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