Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, June 13, 2016

The End of an Era

May 31, 2016

Hey Everyone! This week has been pretty good here in Waverly, we have been pretty blessed as far as Missionary work goes and have seen a lot of progress with our investigators! We were able to find two new investigators name George and Justin. They are both really cool dudes and we have high hopes for both of them. Justin's parents are members and they called and referred him to us and that was an answer to our prayers that day! They are both pretty spiritual and want to know more and Justin has already accepted the Baptismal Invite. The big thing that happened this week however is that my favorite lady Sister Kerr will be getting baptized this coming Saturday! We are really pumped for her, she started officially investigating two weeks ago, so she's one of those mythical "Two Weekers" that everyone in this Mission wants to find haha. I'm really looking forward to this baptism because it is our Branch President's wife, and the branch is taking care a lot more of the details then Usual. So this one should be a lot less stressful then the past two have been lol. 
I have really enjoyed serving in Waverly but according to my Mission President my time will be up next week and I'll probably be leaving. But I'm really excited for how much this area has grown, I feel like I have been growing along with it. I've had two great companions to serve with and the Big Man has definitely blessed us, because of that we were able to baptized three people in Waverly which is triple the amount this area has had in the past three years. 
There wasn't too many funny experiences this week, but one thing that was kind of funny happened when Elder Madsen and I were out finding by the college. This past week Waverly had the huge honor of hosting the Divison III track and field National Championships, pretty crazy I know. But anyways we were knocking around by the college and all these athletes were running around the streets trying to stay loose I guess and one girl who runs for Wartburg the local college walked by, naturally we started talking to her and she said we could talk more, but she had to stay warmed up.. So we jogged down the street next to her and talked about the restoration, I don't think she knew we'd actually be willing to run with her lol. Looking back from an outside perspective that had to be pretty funny to watch two missionaries running on either side of this track girl trying to talk about Prophets and the Book of Mormon haha. 
I hope you all have a great week! 
Also, Happy Belated birthday to my awesome Sister Natalie! If you see her tell her Happy Birthday and Congrats on officially becoming "Middle Aged" ;) #30YearsOld
Love you all,
Elder Milligan

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