Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sister Kerr's Baptism

June 6, 2016

What's up world? This past week in Waverly has been off the chain, we were able to get a lot of good work done in our area this past week Elder Madsen and I have been working our butts off trying to build on the success we've been experiencing this transfer. One of the greatest blessings we were able to receive was finding three new investigators, now that may not seem like much, especially to my Spanish speaking comrades but In Waverly where we speak English (God's Favorite language as we like to call it) three people willing to learn more about the Gospel and accepting of the baptismal invite is a cause to rejoice lol! We are super grateful to have found these awesome people who are ready to hear the Gospel, and they were definitely all an answer to our prayers! Our first answer was we had been praying for a media referral the past week and on the last day of the week, we finally got one! It lead us to a young couple named Justin and Allie (Justin used to be married to a girl named Emily), they have a really cute daughter named Kaelyn, we have been searching for an awesome young family to teach and our prayers have finally been answered! 
But the blessings didn't stop there, on Saturday afternoon we were finding out in this powdunk town called Nashua (there's actually a famous song about Nashua, called "Little Brown Church") and we knocked on the door of this nice lady named Holly, we were teaching her the restoration on her doorstep and it started pouring rain. We almost stopped cause it was raining so hard but she told us she wanted to hear the rest, then she said she'd get baptized if she continued to feel the way she felt while we were teaching her! It was such a cool and spiritual experience! We are very excited to go back and teach her more about the Gospel, she is solid. Unfortunately I probably won't be in this area to see these people progress with transfers coming up, but I am so excited an grateful that the Lord has prepared them to receive the Gospel! 
My favorite part of this week however was by far, Sister Janette Kerr getting baptized! It was an awesome experience to see her enter the waters of baptism and recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost! I'm so happy for our new Branch President and his wife that they were able to have this amazing experience together. Also I'm so grateful that Janette was so willing and ready to receive the Gospel, I guess being married to a Branch President would be pretty helpful in that respect haha. I'm also so grateful for Heavenly Father making it possible for us to get her baptized and giving us our third great Convert in the Waverly area this year! 
It's pretty funny since our Branch hadn't baptized anyone in years, the former Branch President refused to set a goal with us, so technically we have a branch goal of "Zero". So whenever we have district meeting Elder Madsen and I like to say we are exceeding our yearly goal by "Three-Infinity" ;)
Well I hope you all have a great Week and find opportunities to share the Gospel! I love you all!
Elder Milligan

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