Elder Jake Milligan

Elder Jake Milligan

Monday, June 13, 2016

Elder Hansen and Elder Milligan vs the World

June 13, 2016

What's up everyone?! This past week has been C-R-A-Z-Y!  So this past week I found out that I would be leaving Waverly, Iowa and be going down south to Cedar Rapids! I also found out that my new companion was going to be ELDER JESS HANSEN!!! I flipped a biscuit when I found out, actually at first I got mad at the AP's cause I thought they were pulling my leg, but then I realized they were telling the truth and I freaked out! I'm beyond excited to serve with my bro, I've never been so pumped about Missionary work. 
I would say I was sad about leaving Waverly, and it would be partially true. I met a lot of wonderful people there and was blessed to be able to see three people get baptized in that tiny area. But I was way to excited to be sad about leaving lol. I did get to say goodbye to all of the people I taught and that was pretty hard, but I'm very excited and happy for them to continue to progress in the Gospel!
Saying Goodbye to Elder Madsen was way rough though, I love that guy he is an amazing missionary and I know he'll keep killing it in Waverly. 
The work here in CR is off the chain! We have met a lot of cool people! and I am literally living my dream because there are tons of Africans in the Ward here and they are great at fellowshipping and finding us new Africans to teach! The Ward is multilingual and there's tons of different cultures that come together, it's pretty neat to see. This past week we had our investigator named Siraj come to Church for the first time. He's really cool, he's like 4'10 and is from Nepal he's super humble and awesome! We also have a few other investigators including a guy named Sunzu from Africa, he should be getting baptized soon. 
I don't have a whole lot to say this week mostly because I've only been in this area a few days. But I'm super pumped to be serving with such a sick companion. Cedar Rapids 3rd East better watch out, cause Elder Milligan and Elder Hansen are here to do work. 

Elder Milligan Out. 

Here's a Pic with Hansen and I with a dead bunny lol

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